Subject: Re: Re; Hong Kong/Japan
It's actually very simple to go to Shenzen by train from HK and most citizens can pick up the visa at the border in Lowu. BUT - if you hold a British passport (for some reason) you aren't allowed this priviledge. It is very easy to get, however for both Brits going to Shenzen and anyone going to Guangzhou at a number of China visa offices in one day (or pay $50 more for 4 hr service) or through a travel agent (more expensive).

My vote would be Guangzhou - it is a much more interesting city than Shenzhen (the latter being mostly a place for cheap shopping for Hong Kongers). Guangzhou has some interesting older areas to walk around in (great market - interesting old shops), a lovely park/orchid garden with a tea house.

One important word of advice - get a Japan Rail pass before you leave your home country! If you are going to be in Japan for a week - it's a great saving.

Regards, Judy