Subject: I95 trip and an intro.
Hello Ziners! I'd like to introduce myself - finally! I have been lurking since October - right before a wonderful family trip to Paris and northern Italy. It just so happened that a big discussion at that time was about Torino/Turin, Italy - which was the beautiful city where we spent much of our time (my brother-in-law and his wife live there). This list was so helpful for planning that trip and I never once posted a question! We also visited Cinque Terre, Chamois (a small town in the Alps - the only way to get there is via a cable car), and toured some of wine country near Asti. I am continually inspired by the people on this list. I love hearing about trips and adventures, the travel advice, and the general love-of-life spirit that is so apparent! Thank you! By the way, I live in Baltimore and agree with Pat in Baltimore's suggestion to visit our city. It truly is a neat city with lots to see and do - and our nickname is Charm City! Also, Annapolis (Maryland's state capital and about 45 minutes south of Baltimore) is a must-see. It's a beautiful town - lots of old brick buildings, sailboats, restaurants, shopping. Maybe we could plan a Baltimore GTG! Kathleen in Baltimore