Subject: RE: Re: Driving from Key West (FL) to Portland (Maine) on I95 - Looking for Sightseeing Tips
Savannah is absolutely wonderful. Definitely worth a day or more. And Beaufort, SC is very interesting as well. I prefer the she-crab soup in Beaufort to anywhere and the raw oysters as well. Charleston is great also but would require a slight detour off I95 and you can get the same effect, perhaps a bit easier, in Savannah area.

I wish I could answer for NC but to be quite honest, most of I95 in NC misses a lot of good spots and would require detours of an hour or more. However, if willing, a visit to the Outer Banks (a few hours detour) would be hightly recommended. Farther north, I will leave to fellow ziners from Rocky Mount to comment. Rudy, east of I95 in NC