Subject: Driving from Key West (FL) to Portland (Maine) on I95
Except for the cities along the way, e.g., Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston, you most likely do not need reservations. There are so many chain motels along I-95 (or nearby the highway) that you should be able to find a place to stop. The bigger chains usually offer (continental) breakfast, and a pool and exercise room. I have had good luck with the Comfort Inns. Nothing elegant, but clean and comfortable. If you do not smoke, be sure to ask for a non-smoking room. For the cities, you could stop on the outskirts and just go into the city for the day. What you might save on the room, however, you would probably spend on parking your car in the city. Washington DC runs about $13-15 per day. Baltimore is most likely a little less. And Boston and NYC, I would assume, even more. But keep in mind that during the week, most of those spaces are taken by workers. Also, around the cities, try to time your driving for non-rush hour. You might also consider getting off I-95, taking Rt. 17 or 301, esp. thru Carolina and Virginia. You won't see much on I-95 except other cars. For the differences in the USA, you might consider Myrtle Beach (honky tonk beach town), Savannah (gentile southern), Norfolk/Virginia BeachJamestown/Williamsburg (more Atlantic Beach and American history), from there north, you would be coming to the larger cities. I am also originally from Baltimore and recommend my home town. Probably can't talk you into some steamed crabs though! Do check out tht I-95 site; it is all encompassing. Beth P.S. Yes to Charleston; beautiful, and different than Savannah.