Subject: Driving on I95
If you are not stopping in NYC, not a pleasant driving experience, you should pick up the Garden State Parkway and cross the Hudson on the Tappen Zee Bridge. Continue across Westchester County to the Hutchinson Parkway headed to Connecticut and the Merritt Parkway. Take the Merritt until it becomes the Wilbur Cross and there is a connector back to I95. You will re-enter I95 in Orange, CT about halfway between Bridgeport and New Haven. Try to avoid rush hour in this area. It sometimes feels like you are driving in a demolition derby.

Please note that New York City is a pleasant experience, it's just the driving that is difficult and that finding a parking place can be worse.

Barbara in CT but I stick to the back roads when possible.

PS. Most of the major roads in CT run north and south and you can have a heck of a time getting between them if you don't know the roads.