Subject: Re: Driving from Key West (FL) to Portland (Maine) on I95 - Looking for ...
Hi Shiva &Subashini, Wow, what a great trip you have planed! Here are some of my personal favorites. Florida- Key West, Everglades National Park(Got to take an airboat ride), Disneyworld, Kennedy Space Center, St. Augustine.

Georgia- When you're in Atlanta they have a Six Flags Amusement Park there your daughter would enjoy, Jekyll Island just an hour drive off of 95 is a great family beach with lots of personalty and history not your normal just white sand beach. Savanna.

South Carolina-MUST stay in Charleston, one of the most well preserved historical cites in this country, great walking city with tons of great restaurants, I've been all over this country and Charleston is on of my all time favorites! If you all stay in Charleston I would not recommend going back over to I-95 when you resume your Northerly trek, as the rest of your trip until you reach Washington D.C. will be boring in my opinion. I think you should take HWY. 17 north, you'll be traveling closer to the coast and a much more interesting area. You can stay on this till you reach the Newport Beach area of Virgina(another area worth exploring) go across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, head north to Salisbury, Maryland. From hear head towards Annapolis and into D.C., which should both be great stops on your trip. D.C. is were you'll be back on I-95.

Philidelphia(caution, driving is very confusing in this area)

New Jersey-Atlantic City and Cape May are fun and there all also a couple of big Amusement parks, Six Flags and Bush Gardens.

New York- Love this city. Lots to do here, I would spend no less then 3 days exploring. But like others have said before me KEEP the car parked in your hotels garage, or better yet go ahead and drop it off at the airport and take a cab into the city as I'm not sure if the hotels charge a parking fee or not but if they do it will be very expensive and you won't need the car in the city anyway, plus one less thing to worry about when you head for the airport for home!

Connecticut-Mystic Seaport is a charming historical fishing village

Massachusetts-Boston's a must! Cape Cod, Plymouth, and Salem are all great places to stop. Be sure to take a whale watching excursion from one of the many great fishing villages along the coast(don't forget the seasick pills).

Maine-Kennebunk Port, or any of the many charming towns along the coast. You'll really have to get off of I-95 to see the best parts of Maine, otherwise it's just trees on either side of the road, pretty boring after a while!

If you have time heading back to New York, spend a day or two in the Hudson River Valley area, it's very beautiful and has a lot of very picturesque towns where some of this countries big industrial giants built their summer homes. Also its not that far from Manhattan. In fact they have a cruise you can take from Manhattan up the Hudson River to this area, I think it's a Day cruise, that would be fun.

For me eating is one of my favorite things to do when traveling, so seeking out regional specialties is always part of the trip! Here is a great website were you can get lots of experienced information if that's something you are also interested in type I-95 trip into the search and it should bring you right to that discussion.

Have a great trip, would love to hear about it when you get back!

Joann Creekmore