Subject: Re: Tuscany in Italy/Hotel LaQuerce in Chiusi
Hi Pat, We stayed at La Querce for a week in April one year and another week one November. We loved it. Paolo is a delight and will send you off on great day trips. The location is excellent for going to many, many places.

> Chiusi seems great for day tripping but Hotel's website has map that
> on Zooming in, makes Hotel look like the train station in middle of
> busy train tracks and close highways.

The hotel is literally over the autostrada but we discovered this by accident. You don't have any noise problems. It is really a benefit since after a long day of sightseeing, you just follow that green Autostrada sign back home. The train station is not too close. We took the train to Florence and it was an easy trip from Chiusi. They told us where to find free parking near the station and it was a cinch.

I would ask Paolo via email about the car situation. We flew in and out of Rome once and Milan the other time and rented cars there so I have no personal experience.

Feel free to email me privately for more information. The food at La Querce is wonderful! On our first visit we ate there nearly every night because there were so many things we wanted to try.

Buon viaggio, Janet Riverview, Florida