Subject: The Big Island - Hawaii
Aloha Elizabeth,

This is a good plan. But it is Waipio Valley, South East on the Island. You will see signs driving from the Waikoloan north on the East shore. You need a 4 wheel drive, remember that, to drive down into and back out of the valley. Turn right at the bottom of the *steep* road into the valley, drive along the creek bed, to the black, powder sand beach. You are going to love it. Unless you are a camper (get a permit), you can just spend a few hours exploring the beach area, then drive out of the valley and head North to stay in one of the lodges or at the Hotel itself in the Volcano Park. Get an early start, though, as you will be doing a lot of driving. They don't call it the Big Island for no reason.

Marghe and Marty.