Subject: Re: New Member going to France
Hi Diane,

I agree with Frieda completely, this region is loaded with Roman Ruins. Even though the 'Pont du Gard' is visited by thousands of tourists, we still enjoyed visiting the site and neither of us could not get over the size of it, and how the Romans managed this engineering feat. We spent two hours there and could have spent more. We travelled to Nimes from Avignon by train and thoroughly enjoyed wandering round this city.

In the Camargue we were based in the town, 'Sainte Maries de la Mer', and stayed in a two star hotel. We went on a four wheel drive, which was very interesting. From Sainte Maries were drove to the pretty little town of Florac and stayed the night. We had read that the scenery between this town and the 'Gorges du Tarn' was absolutely spectacular, and we were not disappointed. Before we arrived at the Gorge we stopped and the toured the underground caves - 'Grotte des Demoiselle'. The limestone concretions are absolutely amazing. This place is well worth a detour. The Tarn Gorge is every bit as good as the Verdon Gorge, we stayed in a real 15th century castle. A bit on the expensive side but great.

More hiking and other activities in Provence: the Gorges du Verdon (French Grand Canyon) in the Haut Var, with Lac Ste Croix, from where you can kayak into the Gorges, Spectacular. Again I could not agree with Frieda more, this gorge is absolutely spectacular. When we were there in 1999, the weather was atrocious, but the sights that we encountered were still amazing. We could only imagine what it would have been like had the weather been good. If you do visit this gorge, and you do have a car, try and drive on the road(s) that encircle the Verdon Gorge and you will get some fantastic photographs, I promise you. We stayed in a lovely small village named Moustiers Sainte Marie for two nights.

Reading my travelogue has bought back some many wonderful memories on our trip to the south of France, I do envy you and I hope you have a fantastic time. BTW if you would like my rather lengthy travelogue I could send it to you via Microsoft Word.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield.(New Zealand)