Subject: Re: Eat your Way Across the USA

> On the way back to the I-95,
> and I think just the other side of Exit 6, had a great BBQ at a
> shack called The GA pig, described in Eat Your Way Across the USA as
> an attraction all hunger travelers along I-95 in Gerogia need to
> know about. Pork slow-cooked over hickory wood, mmmm. Picnic
> tables inside and out the pine-shaded rustic shack. A must stop on
> the I-95 for us.

It is a shack but the food is great. This book is a newer, updated version of Jane and Michael Stern's Road Food. We used this book extensively when our sons were young. It is a fabulous way to get away from the cookie cutter chains and try some interesting local foods. I will have to check out the newer book. We've been traveling more across the ocean so haven't needed it much lately.

> In S.C. on the I-95 the same book recommends the Summerton Diner,
> exit 108, for breakfast or lunch -- good pancakes, sausage, grits,
> etc or fried chicken and vegetables.

Great food and wonderful prices! I enjoyed this one, too.

I've never gone wrong using it! I agree again!

Cheers, Janet Riverview, FL