Subject: Re: Visiting Hungary
Hi everyone, My name is Alice, I'm going to Budapest Hungary on May 29, I will be there on the 30th and leaving to head back home Boston Ma on June 26th. I was just wondering if anyone out there knows of a possible day trip I could take outside of Hungary, by way of train of course. This is my third time there. I have only been to couple of towns outside of Budapest, Godollo and Szentendra, I think that is how they are spelt. For both day trips I took the Hev it is a train kind of. Please if there is anything that I should not miss while I am there let me know. I have visited there when it was still pretty cold. What about Lake Balaton? Is it easy to get there? and is it possible to find a reasonable to rent a room for a couple of days? I am so excited!! Please any help would be most appreciated.

Thank You Alice