Subject: Real food in Florida
When I travel I try to eat the local food and travel as much like the local people as possible.Since Florida is a main source for seafood that is what I would want served using their local methods..It must be fun to try some of the Cuban restaurants.Anyone driving south will want to try the diffrent kinds of bar-b-que typical to each state.I always stop at The Georgia Pig just over the Florida line on I 95.The NY Times listed this place years ago and it is still high on my list.Not far down the highway is Choo Choo Bar-B-Que and may be my very favorite.I think it is exit 5 off I95 or close to that.I usually leave with a gallon of their sauce which they sell in various sizes. I am looking forward to my meal in the Atlanta airport soon at Paschal's Southern Delights booth on Concourse C...collard greens,black eyed peas,sweet potato,fried chicken,corn bread, and sweet ice tea!All the food I remember from my Savannah childhood.Shirley