Subject: Paris Airport
Hello travelers: I am traveling solo to France, in early May '01. What public transportation is available at DeGaulle Airport to travel to Cergy about 20 -30 miles NW of Paris?? Is there a train depot or bus stop at the airport itself?? Should I prebook the transportation stateside?? How many transfers would be needed? I would like specifics geared for a first timer non French speaking tourist. I am taking French but won't know much. I will be joining a tour group a day later so I am on my own. The tour company said take a taxi but that would be my last choice because I think it would be extremely expensive. I am feeling a little vulnerable because of the reputation of the French not liking American Tourists.

Does anyone have the reassuring information that will make me stop biting my nails over this ?? I have traveled to Europe before &the last time I was on my own ('99) I almost went to the wrong country between back-to-back tours because of the information provided. (They had given me the name of a hotel in Switzerland instead of Munich, Germany). The company's tour leader in Italy was no help but a visitor from Germany saved me from total disaster. That episode made me take a year off from international travel. I am hoping to have smoother preparations this time.

Thanks for any &all of your efforts. FERN