Subject: Re: Paris Airport
Hi All If I am not mistaken, Fern, the original writer of the Paris airport question was interested in getting from the airport to a town outside of Paris, Clergy, about 20 to 30 miles NW of the city. It is my impression that the airport shuttle services are mainly in the business of getting people to and from the routes between the airports and Paris. I have strong doubts that any of them deliver their passengers to Clergy without special arrangement and fees considerably higher than the advertised City-Airport prices. But I suppose it would be worth trying.

I once tried several shuttle companies in an effort to get from Sonoma County CA to San Francisco Intl. Airport and all of their prices were astronomical. Greyhound was my best choice.

But I am thinking that in France, where the rail service is so much better than here in the US, you ought to be able to get a train.

Fern, when I'm really puzzled, I sometimes call the National Tourist Offices of the countries I have questions about. Being in the Eastern US, I call the offices in NYC, but if you are in the Western US, I believe many European countries have Tourist Offices in California. If you're lucky and get someone helpful, you might get just the information you need.

Hope this helps, Debbie in Pittsburgh