Subject: Re: Paris Airport
I checked the airport Web site at (click on the American flag to get it in English) and the Paris transport at (+ British flag). Cergy is served by the RER, the suburban trains that connect with Paris transit. There's an RER station at the airport; you need to take a shuttle bus from the terminal. You can see if the ticket machines let you buy a ticket to Cergy; don't make the same mistake I did of touching the wrong part of the touch screen and getting the wrong ticket (the turnstile in central Paris wouldn't let me out; when I asked an agent for help in my passable French he let me out although I'd underpaid). There should also be a regular ticket window. You need to change at Chatelet in central Paris to get a train in the direction of Cergy; be sure it's marked Cergy since the line has several branches; it's the end of the line, but be sure which station in Cergy you want; there are at least three.

Another way of going that's a shorter distance, but I doubt less time, would be to take the Air France bus to Porte Maillot and connect to the RER Cergy line. I doubt you can buy a through ticket this way, so that's another complication.

Andrew Missouri