Subject: Re: Sleeping Cars
Hi, Wil:

My husband is an XXL guy and has been comfortable enough in the overnight sleeper beds. It won't be the best night's sleep you've ever had, but it's an adventure! We love taking the overnighters to cover great distances and frequently come aboard w/ wine, cheese, fruit, etc., to make a romantic picnic/party of our evening. Of course, there's also a dining &snack bar car...the food is not memorable and is over-priced, but a white tablecloths/heavy utensils meal in a rail car is an experience.

I doubled checked the timetables @ and assume you will take either the 10:47p train arriving in Rome at 12:30p or the 6:05p arriving at 9:50a (my assumption based on the fact that those are the only two shown w/ 1 stop--all the rest have more than 1 stop). The 10:47p routing is on an older standard Euro train. This is the kind of train we've always had for overnighters. A private sleeper compartment (1st class) on this train will have one bed down, one up, a sink with non-potable water (bottled water supplied), an amusing chamber pot that dumps onto the tracks if you can't make it down the hall and plenty of luggage storage. Your porter will wake you at an agreed time w/ your selected hot beverage and a packaged pastry. You'll arrive in Milan at 7:45a and switch to a EuroStar Italia--very comfortable, no need to pay 1st class fare for the short morning ride.

If you take the earlier 6:05p train, you will travel via fast ICE commuter train to Basel, arriving at 8:55p and making a fast, but do- able, switch to the 9:04p EuroNight. I've never been able to get our travel schedule to match a EuroNight is supposed to be quite nice. A brief description of the EuroNight train/sleeper car appears on the Swiss rail pages @ I hope you'll let us know how you enjoyed it if you select this routing!

Enjoy your trip!

Diana Ball Houston, TX