Subject: RTW Trips

We purchased a RTW from Air New Zealand but we could use other airlines as well (can't remember them all but we used Singapore &Ansett) - we were given so many miles to use but you could purchase extra. We could go wherever the airlines flew to. In fact we worked out our route from timetables on the internet then just gave it to the travel agent to book.

We travelled for a year on such a ticket - it cost around 1000 pounds each. Our route Manchester-Amsterdam--Singapore--Bali--Australia--N.Zealand--Tahiti--Cook Islands--Fiji--Hawaii--US--UK. We had a great time.

One thing to bear in mind is ensure that you can change dates/times of flights without addtional cost. We had to book our route and didn't have any problems altering our dates/times until we got to New Zealand. From this point on we were only able to change dates once - after that it would cost us 100 US dollars !

There are a lot of RTW tickets to choose from but we wanted to ensure that we were on decent airlines and this was the best priced one for our destinations.

Paula &John