Subject: Re: Near Rome
Hi Debbie, We stayed in Tivoli which is not too bad a drive from the airport. Sorry I can't remember the exact amount of time. We stayed at the Hotel Sirene, which was fabulous. Check out We got an incredible internet rate of 160,000 lire per night but it was in November. The rooms are huge, we had a magnificent view of the ancient temples, the breakfast is great and it is only a short walk into town. We did Hadrian's Villa from there and spent the day. I can't wait to go back to Tivoli. There is an awesome restaurant, El Tempe di Diana, where we had one of our best meals ever. I think they have a web site and can check my trip book if you wish. I don't think I kept my CWLease (sadly now not routing people) which had times and distances. If there is anything else I can share with you, let me know.

Buon viaggio, Janet Riverview, FL