Subject: Lucca

Peter asked if we had made a decision on where to stay in Lucca. Well, at last, I believe we have. Don and Linda wrote about the Hotel Universo, and we are going to stay there. Parking is free, and the street where their parking is located is next to a city gate, which ought to make day-tripping quite feasible. Didi was helpful in located the parking lot for us.

Peter also asked about our plans while we are there. I have been sort running them through my head and here is what I have come up with for the four days we are staying in Lucca. I would love further feedback and suggestions, as micro-planning is big fun for me, and wonderful distraction from real life! ;-) Here we go:

As we drive from Santa Margherita Ligure to Lucca, we will stop somewhere, probably Lerici or Portovenere. Then check in at our hotel and spend the rest of the day exploring Lucca. On day 2, we will probably take a day trip into the Alpi Apuane, and are looking for suggestions for this area. Day 3 will most likely include a day trip to Pisa, and we are also looking for Pisa-related suggestions outside of the Campo dei Miracoli .

Our last day in Lucca is September 13, which is the Feast of the Volto Santo, and we plan to spend the day in town, unless we can make a short morning trip somewhere nearby.

Any feedback will be appreciated, and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks, Debbie in Pittsburgh