Subject: Re: Naples or Sorrento
In addition to the many excellent suggestions you have rec'd, I'd only add my favorite plug for how to see a grotto in Capri. If you're the least bit adept with motor boats, Erina, it is very easy and inexpensive to rent a nice fiberglass user-friendly boat just down the beach to your right as you exit the Sorrento-Capri ferry. The agency will give you a map of Capri with many grottos (grottoes? grotti?!) noted around the island, and you can even anchor and swim in--one features some religious statues on the ocean floor which are visible through the gorgeous waters w/o the aid of a mask. You can easily do this adventure in 2 hours, and while the commercial Blue Grotto operators won't let you in *the* Blue Grotto, you'll see the same and more.

Enjoy your Italian adventures!

Diana Ball Houston, TX