Subject: Re: Paris 2
Sunday- Blue skies. Good day to be outside.Yeah! Oh my - turned the page of my journal and realized that I had forgotten Sat. dinner. A fun and yummy little place in the Marais- de la Bouch a la Oreille, 15 rue des Tournelles. It is a combination restaurant and brocante. All of the decor is for sale. The 125 ff dinner menu of 3 courses had a lot of good choices. We chose light main courses of savory tarts, which were delicious. A pretty little place, candles and subdued lighting, classic jazz playing. Reasonable, nice atmosphere, and good. Now to Sunday - went to Marche Aligre, open air market in the 12th. Great produce, and a covered market beside the place that had wonderful gourmet items. We bought some olive oil hand cream, a salt mill, and some treats to eat. Plan is to go to Orsay, but as we cross the Tuileries and look across the Seine, we see a long line snaking around the block. Connie said next time, so we made a beeline to Angelina's and fortified ourselves with some of their matchless and decadent hot chocolate. It's already been raved about on the Zine, so I won't take time to elaborate :) Hung out in the Ritz for a while, waiting for the boutiques to open. Of course it's gorgeous. Then to Montmarte, and Sacre Coeur. On our way up the hill, we stopped for a late lunch at La Pierrade. Fun little place, we ordered their specialty of raclette, which was a great experience as well as a delicious meal. A section of a wheel of raclette cheese is mounted on a contraption with heating coils facing it...the cheese softens, and begins to melt and drip off onto the plate underneath. Platters of cured meats, cornichons, pearl onions, boiled potatoes, and baskets of bread arrive, and we smear the melted cheese on each bite. More than we could eat. Oh my - I want some right now!!! It's on the corner of Rue Yvonne le Tac and Rue des Martyrs. Thick crowds, mostly French tourists, as this was the beginning of a 2 week school break, at Sacre Coeur. What a joy to arrive as the 4:30 Vespers were beginning. We sat with the congregation, under that glorious mosaic of Christ, and sang along with the alleluias - the same in any language. Almost bought an oil painting in Place du Tertre - this one artist had 4 frames - all lovely. I had not expected to see good quality there, but was impressed by him. Dinner at a friends' apt. in the 7th. A gorgeous place, looking out on the Eiffel Tower. Every hour it would glitter - what a prime spot for Connie's first visit! Doesn't get any better than this! By the way, both this apt. and the lovely one in which we stayed, in the 6th, are available to rent. Anne in VA