Subject: Re: Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh

My wife and I went to Angkor Wat and Vietnam a couple of years ago. We booked everything ourselves, so we have some memory of prices. We have just moved from Kansas City to Mexico (San Miguel de Allende) , so we don't have any of our travel notes with us yet. In Angkor, I remember a very fancy hotel owned by teh group that owns the Raffles in Singapore. It was expensive, $250 a night and up. Then there were many hotels in the $40-60 a night price range. We just had our cab driver drive us from one to another until we found one we liked. Then there were a number of $15-20/night places that looked fine.

We hired a driver at the airport and used that very well-known book about Angkor. If you would like, I can have a look at Amazon and I will remember it. I think we spent 3 days in Angkor and it was almost enough. Hard to do it in less time and enjoy it. Everything is much more enjoyable if you see it in a leisurely manner.

Unlike Gretchen, we did not like Phnom Penh. Maybe we had heard too much about the Killing Fields. We were happy with our hour-long cab ride through the city. No interest in spending more time there.

Everything is very easy to set up yourself. We flew into Angkor directly from Bangkok on the morning flight (there are many). I think we used Royal Air Cambodge going in and Vietnam Airlines going out. Both were fine.

Ed and Sarah Clancy