Subject: Phoenix Hotel London

Our first impression of the Phoenix was not too good (BIG UNDERSTATEMENT)!

When we arrived, exhausted from jet lag, much to our dismay the lift wasn't working and the hotel didn't have a clue about when it would be fixed. Trudged up three flights of stairs with luggage (no help available from the hotel staff). Even more unfortunate there was a lady who was also checking in (probably in her mid to late 70's) who was in the same predicament.

Rooms were tiny... we stayed there nine nights. As our visit progressed our impression of the hotel grew somewhat as we stayed long enough for us to know the staff and for them know us.

My husband is writing a short story of our *more interesting* travel experiences (getting kicked off a trolley in Zurich, the trip from the airport to the Phoenix Hotel, changing trains in Basal , almost driving into a canal in Amsterdam.