Subject: London Hotel problem
On my trip to London a few weeks ago - I reserved a room at Hotel Plaza Continental in Earl's Court through an on-line booking service at After we checked in, we found out there was no heat. The room was freezing, so I complained at the desk and they brought up a space heater (even the person at the front desk commented on how cold the room was). They promised that the heat would work the next day as someone was working on the boiler. We woke up to no hot water. The next night, the room was still cold, so we got the space heater again. The same for the third night. (You may be wondering why we stayed - the room was already paid for, and they did have someone there working on the boiler - we saw them. Plus the third morning, the radiators on the first floor were working, so we figured they were getting there) The fourth night, I called about 9:00 for the space heater, no one came up so I went down about 10:00. The day people were gone and the night guy said they don't have space heaters. I told them I knew they did because we had used them - so we went in search and didn't find any. So he gave us an extra blanket.

I think we should get the last night comp'ed because there was no heat. I've talked to both the Hotel Plaza Continental and Hotel Discounts - they both say the other has to do that. Is there anything else I can do other than chalk it up to a learning experience?

Marguerite in Chicago