Subject: GPS usage
Hi ya'll, The Paris trip approaches rapidly and I have had so many questions answered here without asking! Thanks to all. I heard a very interesting commentary on radio the other day regarding certain people's obsession/ability to determine direction and location. I guess I fall into that category, thanks to the Boy Scouts I guess. :) So, I have poured over maps on the internet, purchased a Paris map, studied Metro/bus maps, etc and still I crave more. Yes, I am a bit anal-retentive about knowing how to get somewhere expeditiously so that I waste no time in travel and allow myself time to enjoy the destination. It ain't the journey I enjoy, just the destination. Now, I fully intend to disregard this expedient travel plan when walking in Paris. Hence, I will most likely end up consumed with the thought of not knowing my exact location and cause myself great anxiety concerning my unknown whereabouts! ;) Rather than drive myself crazy by constantly looking at a map and missing the world, I am considering taking my handheld GPS and accessing it when I feel the need to know where exactly I am positioned. Has anyone used one of these in a foreign destination with any success? Sorry for the long-winded pontification. I should probably seek help, but I would spend so much time trying to find it...... Rudy in NC