Subject: Fontainbleau vs Versaille
Good question, Rudy! My son liked Versailles better because it was more ornate and the gardens are larger. I liked Fountainbleau, because it was not that ornate and tastefully decorated, and the gardens were pretty as well. It really is a matter of taste. We did have a funny incident where we ran into a busy day, and there were a number of tour guides explaining each area in Versailles. One German guide was talking loudly, and we barely heard our guide. It soon became an argument between our guide and the German guide. A compromise to lower her voice helped us hear the rest of the tour. D'Orsay Museum has a lot of Monet's paintings, so if you miss the beautiful kitchen with Japanese paintings that Monet had accumulated, as he admired Japanese art, that remains part of my fond memories of Giverny, but seeing the Garden in bloom is important, so by all means, do what you feel is best. My son and I bought a pop-up book of Monet's Garden before we left for Paris, and it was a perfect layout of the area as we saw it! We were well prepared. You will have wonderful memories wherever you go. Enjoy. Elaine