Subject: Medicare Coverage overseas
Carolla, Medicare will not cover you in a foreign country. However, if medical coverage is all you are interested in, some countries have free medical care - such as Great Britain - unless things have changed since I was there a few years back.

I would suggest that your whole group purchase trip cancellation insurance coverage from a travel agency. You will have trip cancellation coverage in case someone has to cancel (for a covered reason such as medical emergency for you or family member) you will have medical coverage, emergency evacuation, etc. you will have coverage in case your tour operator goes bankrupt and leaves you stranded (it's happened)

An accident in a foreign country can be an expensive way to learn that you can't always use your return ticket to get home.

I know this is probably more information than you were looking for, but another tip is to be careful who you purchase the insurance from. It does not usually cover the tour operator's bankruptcy if you purchase it from them.