Subject: Czech Republic
Hello Kathy!

My wife and I visited the Czech Republic back in October of 1997. Our itinerary had us taking a train from Vienna to Brno. In Brno we switched to a bus for a two hour ride through the hills and small towns of Moravia before reaching our destination of Telc.Telc is a small town with Renaissance and Baroque houses laid out on a medieval ground plan around a central plaza. The town includes a Renaissance chateau with a charming park. Our one night stay at the Hotel Telc was sufficient for this small town. The hotel was inexpensive (approx. $20/night) clean spacious rooms, bathrooms ensuite, and continental breakfast. We picked up a couple of wooden toys as souvenirs. And I remember that amber jewelry was in abundance as well.

>From Telc we caught another bus to Ceske Budejovice where we switched buses for the ride to Cesky Krumlov arriving in the late afternoon. Riding the buses was cheap and relaxing and a wonderful way to see the Moravian and Bohemian countryside, as well as mingle with the locals. Deciphering Czech bus schedules was tricky but with our Lonely Planet guide and the generous help of the locals we managed to get on all the right buses and make all the connections.

Cesky Krumlov was absolutely fantastic. And we only stayed for one night. Easily could have been stretched to two or three. We stayed at the Hotel Krumlov on the central square. The worst place we stayed on the whole trip. Our late afternoon arrival coupled with my wife's feeling the discomfort of early symptoms of conjunctivitis led us to choose unwisely. Later, we saw much nicer accomodations up the hill towards the bridge with the gated entry to town. Despite our poor choice of hotel we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Cesky Krumlov (and our foray through the Czech medical system). When we departed the following day we took the train to Prague which was easy and inexpensive.

Hope this is of some help, John Rule San Diego, CA