Subject: GPS usage
Rudy Others have responded that you should basically just relax and enjoy yourself - and that is certainly a wonderful way to experience a city -however - being married to a civil engineer/surveyor type who loves his GPS (and all such gadgets) and has a love of maps gives me an additional perspective - so...I say - if you've used it in the US and you have fun with it here, bring it and have fun with it in Paris! We've brought ours on a driving trip through Germany and Austria and used it more for fun than in lieu of maps - we did use it like bread crumbs in Amsterdam, and to monument some of our favorite spots. I got him the software at the time of the purchase (over 2 yrs now) that had US coordinates that we use on our US driving trips- there may be software for Paris or Europe generally - I know I've been to lots of Web sites that include coordinates now, such as MapBlast. BTW - there are some technical issues (at least with his particular unit), such as having to readjust some setting when you go more than a certain number of miles - Texas to Europe qualifying! Connie in Houston/Minocqua