Subject: Travel insurance
I think I have messed up in buying travel insurance. I leave for England May 27. I had put a deposit on a flat in London about six months ago and didn't buy insurance at the time. When I bought my air ticket a week ago, the travel agent said I couldn't get insurance because I hadn't purchased it right after putting money on the flat. However, in today's mail the agent had sent me a brochure for the insurance. I need advice from the group. The agent didn't seem too interested so I am turning to the experts.

My mom is 83 and not well so I feel I might have to return home. Obviously I hope not but I need to be prepared. I am flying Virgin Air middle class...not really business but not economy. That ticket is refundable so I should be ok if something happens, assuming I can get a seat on a plane. I will be sharing a rental car, timeshare, flat in London and flat in York. Can I get insurance that would cover the car and flats? Or am I better off not getting the insurance and just hoping my mom stays as well as she is at this moment?

Beth Sloan Las Vegas