Subject: RE: Travel insurance
My wife and I have medical insurance through a nationally known medical insurer. It will pay medical bills incurred overseas, but I have to pay them first and get reimbursed upon my return. Reimbursement is never a pleasant task and it seems easier to perform your own root canals with common household tools. Thus, it seemed that paying $150 or so for an overseas medical insurance policy per trip was not terribly expensive when weighed against not having it. Then, we started to travel more often and $150 per trip was adding up. There are a number of such insurers and they are easily found on the net. Then a major credit card company offered a single policy for $180 or so that covered myself and my spouse anytime we are more than 400 miles away from home. The period of coverage is one year. It covers bills, it pays and if you need to be airlifted back to the U.S., it covers that also. Fortunately I have not had to make a claim yet, but I feel a little better knowing that I have the insurance in place (or at least the right to make a claim against the insurer if need be). If I have to pay overseas, then I use the credit card (which I use anyway) and the card company (in theory) covers the bill as charged.