Subject: Insurance Woes
One thing to consider is to NEVER take out the insurance the group with whom you travel provides. If the company goes belly-up, so goes the insurance.

True, insurance offered by the company with whom you are traveling offers a release from the pre exixting conditions if purchasing within x number of days.

If you plan to insure your trip, always take out independent insurance offerred by another company, and travel agents have some good sources.

The latest example is the (? surprise) bankruptcy of Commodore Cruise Lines--their cancellation insurance did not cover the people boarding their ship docked in Aruba as it was not in the USA.

So many things to check on beforehand.

And, assume nothing. Cancellation by the purchaser is subject to many conditions. Not, usually, just because you changed your mind.

Insurance companies book on your continued health and you book on your prospective illnesses. Guess who wins most of the time?

Gretchen, SC