Subject: Carnival in Venice: a little report
Hi everybody!

Lately I didn't have much time to write as often as I used to, so I kinda disappeared. Sorry for that, I am still here and keep on reading all the messages, hoping to be more active soon.

BTW, I thought of writing a little report of a great weekend I just spent in Venice for the Carnival celebrations.

The Carnival in Venice is for sure the most important in Italy, and I would say in Europe as well. I think it is second only to Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

Being Venice built on small islands, and having really narrow streets and bridges, it is impossible to have a car parade as in other cities. Everything goes by foot or by the typical boats (gondole).

We arrived in a small beach town near Venice on Friday. The town is called Lido di Jesolo, and even if it's a Summer town, because of the Carnival celebrations it was full of people, mainly Germans and French.

On Saturday morning we moved to Venice by ferry, arriving to San Marco in about a hour. Then the area started to get crowded of dressed people, and the students of the local art school made up people's faces. Around there were stands selling Bellini (dry sparkling wine with peach juice) and Vin Brule (hot spicy wine) together with a characteristical sweet (frittelle) filled of custard.

Besides San Marco, other squares (Campi) were hosting the main celebrations, and all the streets were coloured of costumes and people having fun.

The weather was very cold and cloudy, so in the afternoon we decided to go to a bar I use to go every time I'm in Venice (L'Olandese Volante), and there I found 2 bartenders I already had met in the past (!). The place was full but really quite, and remembering the fun we had last year, I jumped on a table dancing with a friend of mine: the result..... we have not been kicked off :o) but several other people did the same, and after a few minutes everyone was dancing on the tables, chairs, or just the floor!!!

We stayed there for a couple of hours, then after a fast dinner (sitting on the street, since everything was full!) we moved back to San Marco to attend to the concert. Actually, this year there was no concert, but a deejay mixing music on the stage. It was real fun anyways, and everyone was dancing in the square until 12, when the music stopped.

At that time, we moved to Campo S.Margherita, that is more a youngers place, in fact even if the music was over, the square was still full of people having fun around. After that, we went to a bar (the only warm place we could think of!!!) and after a while to the Casanova, the one and only disco of Venice.

It was about 4 am when we got out of it, I left a few friends at the railway station (their train was at about 5) and started walking back to San Marco to catch my ferry to go back to Jesolo (my other friends have left with the last ferry at 12, but I wanted to stay longer and had to wait for the first of the morning, after 5 am!). I arrived in Jesolo at almost 7 in the morning, and could sleep just 3 hours since we had to leave the room and catch our train back to Rome!

Too bad it started snowing just on Sunday afternoon, I am sure it could have been really cool to see the Carnival under the snow! I have seen it on TV, but it's definitely different!

It's been a blast! I am still tired and have a cold, but I am looking forward to next year to do it again! Anyone wants to join???

Ciao Flavio in Rome

PS: Mafaldina and Cicciolo - where were you? I didn't see you at all!!!!