Subject: Re: Train or Plane from Bilbao to Barcelona and then to Pisa?
Hi Graciela. You have three options from Bilbao to Barcelona :

- Bus. Around 8 hours. Itīs the cheaper option, but quite tiring. - Train. There is a day train and a night train. I must check timetables and prices. - Plane. Faster, just an hour, but more expensive. I would check with Air Europa, although it is not more cheaper than Iberia.

When are you planning to be in Bilbao? I cannot promise you a GTG, because I might be going to Ireland from the 27th of April to the 6th of May, but who knows.

Another thing, remember that the 1st of May is holiday in Spain. There will be a lot of people around that long weekend. Try to book everything on advance (I am sure you have already done it, you have beautiful itinerary).

Rgds from Bilbao, Covadonga