Subject: Bus/Train/Plane from Bilbao to Barcelona
Hi Graciela. I have done a random search at I have found two trains, as I told you, from Bilbao to Barcelona : - Miguel de Unamuno, leaving at 10:00 and arriving at 18:50, 5200 ptas - Pio Baroja, leaving at 22:45, arriving 09:05, 6500 couchette

About buses, check in There are four daily buses 06:30 - 14:15 10:30 - 17:30 15:45 - 22:45 23:00 - 06:00 The price is 5355 ptas for a single journey, and you can buy the tickets via Internet.

And now the planes. The best prices are found with

Another random search showed for the 28th of April, 150 dollars for two people flying with Air Europa (09:45 - 11:15). The price increased to 200 dollars if you were flying with Portugalia, but you would be leaving at 19:00, and arriving into Barcelona at 20:10 pm

I hope it helps you.

Saludos, Covadonga