Subject: Re: Bangkok
We really liked the Royal Hotel, mainly because of its proximity to the Grand Palace and the river taxi to all sorts of amazing places. It is a small, older, Thai hotel and I think you should be able to get a room for about $US 30. It is also close to Kao San road where all the backpackers hang out a great place to get inexpensive meals and you will meet a cross-section of travellers from all over the world. That is also the place to buy cheap trips around Thailand, but check around with fellow travellers as some are more scrupulous than others. For a really fabulous dinner and Thai dancing go across the river on the mahogany barge belonging to the Oriental Hotel and have dinner at their cooking school. Expensive by local standards but well worth it. It is nine years since we were there but at that time we felt very safe wherever we went. We also ate at many street vendors with no ill effect though I am sure that isn't everyone's cup of (green) tea! Sue &Tony Toronto Canada