Subject: Fw: Bangkok
Hi me, Silk in Amsterdam: Well Its been a few years since I've been to Bangkok however I remember loads of rooms for around $10 [some for $5] but as I say these are just rooms but they weren't at all that bad, showers & toliets ect. that were perfectly ok (they weren't dumps nor dirty just rooms to sleep) . Of course some peeps are more finicky than others. I like to go more or less as the locals do. Pick up a copy of lonely planet. I recently was in New York &spoke to some folks who had just toured Europe ? Stayed in Hilton hotels &took tour buses around the cities? I wouldn't exactly say they saw Europe? Oh well to each his own. Some people attempt to live abroad as they do back home &thats ok too, I like to really see &feel the place &you can't do that from the Hilton hotel, you don't have to suffer at all going like a local. I mean like some of the best trips in Thailand are to out of the way places &there sure are no $30 Hotels on some of these treks. You go 3 or 4 days &more or less rough it but its like camping, not bad at all [my opinion] of course my mother would never stay in one of those $10 rooms? Like I say different strokes for different folks! Like Sue says around the Khao San road you can learn all. chao/Silk