Subject: Re: More Travels in Africa

When Sarah and I went, we looked at the advice given by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). I think they are in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). They had a site that detailed everything by country. Within each country, different medicines/shots are recommended depending on where you plan to go. They also tell you what kinds of diseases are prevalent.

We did not have much time and planned everything in advance, including visiting the gorillas in Zaire (Rwanda was having a civil war at the time). When we got to Nairobi, we realized that you can plan everything you want from there. There are travel agencies everywhere and they are all helpful. I don't even know if you can see the gorillas anymore, thanks to all of the civil wars, but I would not just show up. Even then access to the park was limited to 32 per day.

We loved it, but I wish we had skipped the beach (Malindi) and had gone a walking safari instead.

Ed in San Miguel