Subject: Caribbean Island rec.
For a true Caribbean experience on a rainforest island with a good degree of security, my vote would go to Grenada. Its rainforest has many hiking paths, lakes, waterfalls, flora, fauna, everything you associate with such a forest.

The island has one major and beautiful beach, Grande Anse, where a good many hotels are situated. Still, the island is (not yet?) overdeveloped. The main town, St. George's is very Caribbean, lovely, with a busy market and everywhere the aroma of spices. One of my (and many others', locals and visitors) favorite restaurants in St. George's (on the carenage) is called The Nutmeg!

Excursion to Carriacou is recommended -- belongs to Grenada, but very different in spirit; it's where they must have invented the word liming = doing nothing.

There are other rainforest islands: Dominica -- but very poor St. Lucia -- doesn't compare in spirit to Grenada, imo St. Vincent -- security-wise, I've had bad experiences there, others disagree with me Guadeloupe -- great hiking trails, but the forest is less wild and wet than in Grenada; Guadeloupe is a very French island

Frieda Lekkerkerker