Subject: Re: Spas, in Italy
We enjoyed the Grand Hotel &La Pace in Montecatini a couple of years ago which is quite nice but not quite as nice as the one mentioned above. Of course Montecatini is very well-located so that it is easy to visit Firenze, Pisa, Lucca, Pistoia, Prato and not to mention the lovely small towns just south of Montecatini. My favorite little town is Carmignano where one can see the beautiful Pontormo's painting, The Visitation in the small church there. Afterwards have lunch at the wonderful and lovely Da Delfina restaurant in the next town of Artimino. After lunch a visit to Vinci and the Medici villas in the immediate area (one of which is about 1/2 kilometer across the valley from the restaurant) makes for a lovely day, especially if there is a hot bath waiting for your back at the hotel in Montecatini :-).