Subject: Re: Tips for Dining on a Budget in Europe
I like your money saving approach and your health consciousness. In Europe, my husband and I occasionally share a main dish using an unobtrusive method. For example: when my main dish husband is halfway through, he passes his plate over to me. My empty appetizer plate goes to him. This method does not require a waiter, extra plates, permission, or an explanation.

Dining out in Europe comes with customary assumptions and although I am a newcomer to European travel, here are my observations:

In many European countries, main-dish portions are huge.

Dining out is an activity/entertainment in itself and you are supposed to take all the time you need.

Your table is yours for the afternoon or the evening. No one will attempt to give you a reckoning or a bill, unless you ask for it directly.

In Germany, you must find your own table. Waiters think it is presumptuous to direct diners to a particular table (you may be joining friends at their table, etc). Obviously, if you look confused, they will help you.

If it is crowded, you may share a table with others (people expect it). Once you try it, you'll like it.

Do other travelziners have meal sharing strategies, budget restaurant dining tips, or observations? Jane (in Germany)