Subject: Re: renting a car in Europe
We have rented before and plan to rent again this summer. If you're looking for some good prices, check Hertz. They do not charge a drop off fee if you pickup in one country and return to any participating city in the same country, i.e. pickup a car in Frankfurt and drop it off at Berlin, or pickup a car in Nice and drop it off in Lille. Pretty nice deal, plus they have a special rate for renting from the states.

Normally, as many have indicated, the insurance companies in the states will not cover rentals outside of the states/Canada. I have check extensively concerning this problem. Liability insurance is provided in the rates quoted, according to the Hertz spokesman. The CDW is covered by major credit cards in Europe, but check with your credit card company as some cards may not qualify. You cannot pay for the CDW extra insurance and expect to use the coverage provided by the credit card, as the credit card information indicates that you must turn down that extra CDW insurance when you rent the car.

The problem is a 'possible gap' that might exist between the liability coverage provided in your rates and where your coverage provided by the credit card company kicks-in. This area of liability is not really clear and I presume that many have had a problem or could have a problem.

Wil Orlando