Subject: Spas and Agriturismos in Italy
Hello you probably mean Abano Terme or Montegrotto, a big spa establishment south of Padova. I find those places, as well as Montecatini or Salsomaggiore, unfit for tourism unless you need some medical treatment. Many of the hotels, even if expensive, cater to tour groups or older foreigners who are looking for a pretty standardized 3-meals-a-day plan. Better choice would be a country hotel, or even an agriturismo.

Leslie claimed about agriturismos getting more expensive while offering more amenities. This is true, but I assure you there are still a lot which honor their name; my agriturismo book is full of them but you won't find them on the web. They usually have a fax, but sometimes they don't understand English.

Hotel Terme Saturnia is wonderful and the hot sulphurean water is so relaxing. The only downpoint is you need to drive a while on the usual narrow winding roads to get anywhere from them, but the Maremma is the Tuscany I like most.