Subject: Northern Michigan in Winter
About the sleigh ride I wrote about yesterday: The couple who give the rides are retired school teachers with a small farm in the woods near Horton Bay, Michigan (Horton Bay is where Hemingway lived for a while and is the area where he set his No. Michigan short stories). They are NOT a commercial outfit but give sleigh rides just to exercise their Belgians (who are three years old and thus still full of energy and need a lot of exercise!)and for the sheer pleasure of it; thus one has to make arrangements ahead of time at a time convenient to both parties. They are delightful and love their horses and their sleigh (which he built himself) and do a lot for the elderly, the handicapped, the children of the area in giving them a sleigh ride experience. They do not charge but will accept a donation toward care of horses if you wish. If you want more specific information, I will give it directly to any of you who request it.

We were lucky enough to stay with family on Lake Michigan in Charlevoix. However, in the winter, the lovely Charlevoix area is full of nearly empty motels and lodgings, some right on the water, so one can drive in about any time and find a place to stay. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore