Subject: Paris
The Ile St. Louis is still a charming place to stay. For the last dozen years, we always stay in a little apartment across the walking bridge on the Ile Cite, next to Notre Dame. On the end of the Isle St. Louis is a little restaurant - Flore en I'lle - great for morning cafe, tea, etc. or light lunch dinner. Onion soup, salads - its all pretty good - just not outstanding. But, as you sit, you#ll have a view of the river and Notre Dame, that#s worth the price. Also, this is the only place in Paris that I know of where the waiter doesn#t bring l#addition, just go to the counter when you leave, your check will be there waiting on you. Bertillion - The mecca. The shrine. The temple. People from all over the world go here to worship the God#s of Ice Cream, but mostly you#ll find Parisians. Cones are sold through the window or table service is available inside. If you'll walk across the bridge to the Ile Cite, continue up (with Notre Dame on your left) you'll find - Le Vieux Bistro 14 rue du Cloitre-Notre Dame This is our neighborhood bistro when we stay in Paris. Not inexpensive but wonderful food. Best frisee salad with lardons and egg in Paris. We spent two wonderful New Year's Eve dinners here. Make a reservation. Also nearby is - Les Bouchons de Francois Clerc 12 rue Hotel Colbert (5) We also enjoyed another New Year#s Eve dinner here a few years ago. It#s a beautiful place just a couple of blocks from Notre Dame on the Left Bank. Not a typical bistro - lots of imagination in their cooking. The real key to this place is the fact that they offer an incredible selection of wines at prices about 1/2 of most restaurants. The food is priced about like others, but if you#re looking for wines, it#s a great place to go.

Bill Sutherland Montefollonico, Italy