Subject: Paris
We purchased the Carte Musees and were very satisfied. Waltzing past the lines at the Louvre, Orsay and Pompidou was well worth the price. We also went to the Invalides and to the top of the Arc de Triomphe on the pass. This last would be excellent for a child. We were told that the pass included the elevator ride to the top of the Arc, but a surly female gaurd did not want to let us on the elevator. I forcefully told her that I had had an operation and needed to ride, and she backed down. I'm telling you this because you might want to check to make sure this ride is included in the pass. Another benefit of the pass was visiting any small museum that we wandered past, without worrying that we would be spending too much money or not enough time to justify admission costs. We recommend the Carte Musees et Monuments. It worked very well for us. For 6 days and nights in Paris, and covering a lot of ground, two of us went through less than 2 carnets. I believe we left 4 tickets as part of our tip to the hotel maid. Someone in this group once suggested this as a good idea, and we felt that it was. Anyway, our days did not work well with the Carte Orange, and it turned out to be way more expensive than we would have needed. But we had good weather; if it is raining, you may be taking more Metro rides and walking less. A hard call.... We also left the absolutely useless phone card that we bought for the maid. This was the only financial misstep of our trip. The guidebooks recommend buying a card, but we didn't know that there was more than one card on the market, and the one we were sold was next to impossible to use. Even very determined and helpful Parisians could barely figure it out, let alone explain its use to us in a way that we could understand.

Debbie Pittsburgh