Subject: Re: Re:Savannah and Charleston
I too recommend the carriage tour of Charleston as a great way to become familiar with the city. As for plantations, no one stands out in my mind but it has been a few years...Check your hotel's preferences. The tours vary at each, with different emphasis on various aspects of life and culture; gardens, society, architecture, etc. Better basket/woven goods prices can be obtained by driving out HWY 17 N towards Georgetown. They will be for sale up and down the road. Anything under $75 is a steal--$100 and up for nice ones is normal. But you can only get these in this area to my knowledge. Savannah has an excellent visitors center. Many tours leave from there and it is a great place to begin a walking tour. Again, one of the micro-bus tours is a good orientation--just depends upon the guide how good a tour though. Savannah is a great walking city. So neatly laid out and all the squares make for great pauses. Check the unique downspouts from the gutters! If you like art, Savannah College Art &Design (SCAD) is scattered throughout the historic area and often has various exhibits, not to mention the many galleries and other artisans in town. Great little shops along the waterfront. For a true southern style meal, try Lady and Sons but be prepared to wait in line. Welcome to the true Old South. Just don't stay... you will become a damned Yankee ;) Rudy in colonial capital of NC and Southern by choice.:)