Subject: another weather question
Many questions come up regarding what the weather is or will be in a particular place or city in the world. I used the sites below to help a friend and wife plan their first foreign trip. I think that these three sites are excellent places to find many of the answers to many questions regarding weather conditions: has historical weather conditions in over 16,000 cities. The basic information will have average temperature, average high temperature and and average low temperature for each month of the year. For the larger cities the information is much more comprehensive. has current and forecasted weather in all the major cities in the US and current weather in many cities around the world. is loaded with information, including very comprehensive current/forecasted and historical weather conditions in many cities around the world. At the site look down the left side for site index' and click on it. Naturally there all the sections of the newspaper are there, including Weather.

One could spend many hours at the Washington Post site, and for the travel planner--in addition to copious weather data--there is a travel section with a great deal of excellent, timely travel information.