Subject: Re: Short Italy Trip Suggestions???

In early July the Amalfi Coast's roads and towns without doubt will be inundated with tourists. I can just visualize all those big tour buses rounding the tight corners, crowding the narrow coast road and causing huge traffic jams. There is no doubt that the area is beautiful--I especially like Ravello and Amalfi but in the quieter months. We were in these latter two places in November and in March last year. The towns at that time were tranquil with few tourists and the weather was excellent. Ravello, while small, is especially attractive with excellent hotels and restaurants. The views from every corner of the little town are wonderful.

Have you given thought of exploring further south along the coast--Paestum, Agropoli, Castelabate, Palinuro etc. and the Cilento Park generally?

There are endless sites on the web referencing the Amalfi Coast but here is an interesting one--even though it is an advertisement for a hotel: