Subject: Re: Amalfi in July
If memory serves, Cetara is one on those many little towns that is passed on the way to another destination where one wishes to stop and explore it. But time won't permit it. Minori, which is just up from Cetara, is another one of those little towns. Minori is the the town that is just below--way below :-)--Ravello. It is the town in many of the famous photographs taken from Ravello of the Amalfi coast. There are usually concerts in Ravello--look at Http:// for the schedule. For a real treat arrange for lunch or dinner at Rossellini's at the Sasso Hotel in Ravello. For one which is less expensive, we enjoyed Cumpa Cosimo there.

I think that the Amalfi coast road further along gets to be a white knuckler but the road between Vietri-Cetara--Minori is not terribly challenging. So if I were you, those towns plus Ravello would be in my plans from your base in Vietri. Once you get used to the road, I am sure you will want to venture further to Amalfi. The road up to Ravello from the coast road has many curves and switchbacks but is not at all bad. My wife is usually uptight about those kind of roads but had no problem with it at all.

In Cetara, my restaurant choice would be San Pietro; in Minori. L'Arsensale; in Vietri, Sapore di Mare and in Amalfi, Lido Azzurro or, for pizza, A Teatro. Don't miss the marinated or fried fresh anchovies! You will find that the food is marvelous, especially if you like seafood.

Hopefully, you will take some time to explore Napoli too.